How to choose a bong? The Ultimate guide, Part 2 - Shapes & Features

How to choose a bong? The Ultimate guide, Part 2 - Shapes & Features

Bong Shapes & Features

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the variety when buying a bong, you’re in the right place. In the last article we covered the different materials bongs can be made of (check it out HERE). Today we’ll cover bong shapes and features.


Bong types by Shapes:

Straight Tube Bongs
Straight tube bongs are the most common and straightforward type of bong. If you go for this shape, it is recommended to go for a sturdier material (refer to last week’s post about bong materials) as this shape is easier to knock over than the beaker/ round base bongs.
Straight Tube Bong
Beaker Base Bongs
Compared to straight tube, beaker tube bongs have a wider base and are therefore more stable.
Beaker Base Bong
Round Based Bongs
As indicated by the name, the base of this bong type is spherical, as opposed to the straight and beaker shape. Round base bongs are more stable than straight tube bongs, but slightly less than beaker base bongs due to the base shape.

Bong types by Features:

Carburettor Bong
The Carburetor, also referred to as carb or clutch, is the little hole on the side of a bong. Releasing the carb during a hit allows for fresh air to go into the bong, which can increase the strength of the hit by helping you inhale the smoke quicker and deeper. Any shape bong can have a carburetor.
Percolator Bongs
The percolator is a glass structure inside a bong that helps dissipate the smoke before it even reaches the water, creating a strong bubbling effect. This results in a smoother, more filtered and cooler smoking experience.
Multi-Chamber Bongs
Multi chamber bongs, like the percolator bongs, are built in a way that creates a smoking experience that is much cooler and smoother than a regular bong can provide.  The bong’s tube has two extra chambers built in, which are connected by a third chamber or a tube, causing the smoke to go through a double-filtration process before inhaling. They are sometimes also called recycler bongs due to the filtration process the smoke goes through.



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