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Whats in the deal 

1 x Stash pad 

1 x Stashtainer

1 x Stash tube

1 x OCB Slim Virgin paper + filters


The Maul Pad provides smokers with the perfect and discreet solution to preparing, storing and enjoying their herbs without taking up unnecessary space in their wallets, bags or pockets. The simple folding design ensures that smokers can take their Stash Pad anywhere while remaining completely discreet, stylish and safe storage of their goods.


The stashtainer will serve you well, it's air tight, water tight and you can stash your herbs as well as grind them; AND it'll fit in your pocket whilst not stinking out the neighbourhood.

Average dimensions : 85mm in depth and 38mm in diameter.


There's no better way to keep your goodies fresh than with this handy dispensary-grade plastic Joint/Blunt container tubes. It features a hinged cap with airtight design - they not just lock the freshness in but the odor too. 

These tubes are durable, convenient and discrete

A tool for keeping a Pre-rolled joint that easily fits into your pocket. 

The tool keeps your joint so that it can be taken anywhere. Made of plastic and air tight seal. 
Fits a King size joint.

OCB Slim Virgin Kingsize rolling paper + Fliters.

Colours may vary compared to pictures. please request a Specific colour and we will do all we can to supply the colour requested.


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